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Flair - Digital Panel Meters

Flair is our range of single-function digital panel meters for accurate and reliable measurement of electrical parameters for industrial and commercial applications.

Models are available for measuring voltage, current, power, power factor, energy and frequency. All models are compact, user-friendly and easy to fit into standard panel cut-outs.

  • HV and LV switchgear panels
  • Control and relay panels
  • Power control centre (PCC) panels
  • Motor control centre (MCC) panels
  • Test benches
  • Laboratory equipment
Features & Benefits
  • User-configurable for three-wire and four-wire and three-phase systems
  • Easy stocking at dealer/OEM outlet.
  • Field-configurable CT/VT primary values via push-buttons on front panel
  • Helps in stocking the meter at OEM/dealer end.
  • Meters can easily be swapped between panels.
  • Calibration LED output for energy meter
  • Accuracy can be checked on site with load connected.
  • Auto-scaling for voltage, current, power and energy models.
  • The measured electrical parameter is automatically scaled according to its value to make best use of the display rang.

Key functionality


Flair Mini

Accuracy class

0.5s, 1.0

0.5s, 1.0

LV 3P 4W/ HV 3P 4W /HV 3P 3W







Common product for 3P3W & 3P4W

Auxiliary powered

Electrical Transducers

We offer a range of DIN-rail mounted solid-state transducers for process control and electrical panel instrumentation applications. These highly accurate devices cover a full range of electrical measuring parameters and are built to the highest standards to ensure a long service life. Our transducers have a response time of less than 300 milli-seconds, as per IEC 60688, and are available in a wide variety of transfer characteristics between input and output.

Discrete transducer and programmable transducer models are available. Programmable transducers are fully configurable through an USB interface, via easy-to-use software. Programmable transducers have four separate analogue outputs, each of which can be programmed independently for the parameter to be measured, together with the input signal range and scaling. The wiring configuration can also be set up using the supplied software.

  • Instrumentation panels
  • Process control
  • Electrical distribution panels
  • SCADA and control system
  • Transmission and generators
Features & Benefits
  • DIN-rail mounting
  • Suitable for standard panel installation equipment type.
  • Response time less than 300 ms
  • Fast output parameter response exceeds the standard requirement.
  • Range of transfer characteristics between input and output
  • Suitable for a diverse range of applications.
  • 'Live Zero' output models for fault detection
  • Able to differentiate between system and equipment fault conditions .
  • Programmable transducers have fully configurable input and output ranges
  • Can monitor up to four electrical parameters via analogue outputs.
  • Two digital outputs for energy parameters.
  • User-friendly configuration and reading of programmable transducers using ConfigView software

Elite is our range of three-phase multi-function digital panel meters for accurate and reliable measurement of electrical parameters (voltage, current, power, frequency, etc) in industrial and commercial applications (voltage, current, power, frequency, etc.). Integrated Modbus communications capability allows easy integration with energy monitoring systems. All models are compact, user-friendly and easy to fit into standard panel cut-outs.

Elite 440 can be integrated with our eWatch software to provide an energy management and conservation solution. The meter can also be fitted with an expansion module for enhanced functionality (pulse input/output or analogue output and ethernet module).

  • Commercial and industrial sub-metering applications
  • Building management and monitoring systems (SCADA/EMS/DAS)
  • Low, medium and high-voltage switchgear panels
  • Control and relay panels
  • Power control centre (PCC) panels
  • Energy management for commerce and industry
  • Generator panels
Features & Benefits
  • Modbus functionality built in
  • Can be integrated with most common SCADA/EMS/BMS system.
  • Field-configurable CT/PT primary value using push-buttons on front panel
  • Helps in stocking the meter at OEM/dealer outlets.
  • Meters can easily be moved between panels.
  • Analogue output
  • Easy integration with programmable logic controllers (PLCs).
  • Installation diagnosis
  • Helps ensure 'first-time right' installation.Accurate energy registration
  • Accurate energy registration
  • Pulse input/output
  • Multi-utility application.
  • Energy data aggregation using external pulse counter.
  • Ethernet gateway module
  • Easy integration of multiple meters connected over RS485 network.
Maxchek 400

Maxchek 400 is a smart maximum demand controller specifically designed to help commercial and industrial users keep track of their maximum demand. It is compact, user-friendly and easy to fit, using a standard 96x96 mm panel cut-out.The front panel has a large multi-line LCD panel that can display four parameters at the same time. if the predefined demand limit is exceeded Maxcheck 400 generates alarm signals and can also disconnect non-essential loads in a sequential manner.It also supports ethernet module for communication.

  • Commercial and industrial sanctioned demand monitoring and control.
  • Industrial demand control panels.
  • Demand management for commerce and industry.
Features & Benefits
    Flexible programming modes (predictive and preventive)
  • Predictive mode provides alarm signals and automatic control of allowed demand, with configurable averaging period (1 minute or 5 minutes).
  • Preventive mode provides alarm indication, without control.
  • Priority-wise load tripping.
  • Non-essential loads can be disconnected automatically in a defined sequence.
  • Shift-wise demand configuration
  • Users can define different shifts, with separate load-tripping priority .
  • Modbus protocol (over RS-485).
  • Enables easy integration with SCADA, EMS, DAS, BMS, etc.
  • Real-time monitoring of data at the central station enables energy usage to be managed efficiently
  • High accuracy (Class 0.2s, 0.5s )
  • High accuracy, as per relevant IEC standards.
  • Fully type tested .
  • Load profile recording
  • Load profiling enables detailed monitoring of energy and demand data.
  • Sliding window feature for effective monitoring of parameters.
  • Load trend analysis for monitoring system health and for energy auditing.
  • Assists tamper analysis.
  • Field configurable CT/PT primary values through push-buttons
  • User-friendly option to program primary values of CTs and VTs at site .
  • Highly configurable
  • Single meter can be used for HV, LV, 3P3W or 3P4W connections.
  • Single meter can be configured for 1A or 5A operation.
  • Simplifies logistics and maximises flexibility in the field .
  • Power quality
  • Provides THD (total harmonic distortion of voltage, current and power) up to the 31st harmonic.
eWatch Range - Data Acquisition and Monitoring Software

eWatch is our range of on-line data acquisition and monitoring software for effective management of electrical systems by electrical or non-electrical business users.

The software acquires real-time data from Modbus-enabled energy meters and displays the information in user-selectable tabular, gauge, graphical or mimic formats.

Its powerful and flexible alarm engine, dashboard and reporting tools assist in proactive decision-making to reduce the risk of harmful events within the electrical system. In addition, the system helps users to analyse carbon emissions based on energy consumption.

  • Commercial and industrial sub-metering applications
  • Building management and monitoring systems
  • 'Green buildings' for carbon monitoring
  • Energy management for commerce and industry
  • Power plants
Features & Benefits
    Real-time data acquisition over Modbus
  • Can be integrated with any meter that supports data transfer over Modbus.
  • Carbon emission analysis based on energy consumption.
  • Helps in monitoring and targeting of carbon emissions. Reporting engine
  • A wide range of reports are provided for detailed analysis of electrical systems.
  • Can help avert electrical system problems.
  • Facility to monitor and analyse multiple locations in a single view using 'virtual meters' Virtual meters can be tailored for each application and the resulting data can be monitored in a single window on the computer. Shiftwise production data definition with reporting
  • Energy consumption can be monitored and linked to production output.

Key functionality


eWatch 100

Client-server architecture

Web-based on Intranet


Max. number of meters supported



Dual meter support


Billing facility


Carbon emission monitoring

Alarm definition

Mimic diagram

Vuenergy: the web portal

Our advanced web portal provides consumers with energy consumption information at the click of a mouse. With anywhere, anytime access, consumers can view, analyse and compare the consumption of electricity, gas and water together with corresponding costs and carbon emissions.

This extremely user-friendly portal also enables consumers to monitor and target consumption and costs by offering tips on energy efficiency and energy conservation.

With the right credentials the web portal can be accessed from any Internet connection, without the need for any software to be installed.s

  • Commercial energy auditing.
  • Building management.
  • Large special economic zones (SEZ).
  • Energy and utilities management services.
  • Feed-in tariff (FITs) monitoring.
Features & Benefits
    On-line data viewing
  • The website displays the last day's load survey data in graphical format. Vuenergy is designed for charting, predicting and analysing the consumer's electricity, gas and water consumption in real-time, so the consumer is always well informed on energy use and costs.
  • Viewing historical data.
  • The web portal displays historical data for analysis of trend and estimation of future consumption.
  • Helps in monitoring and targeting of carbon emissions. Reports
  • It provides reports for users at different levels, such as system owner, administrator and end consumer.
  • Web application hosted on Internet
  • No need for client software to be installed; data can be viewed from anywhere with the correct credentials.
  • View cost of energy consumption for day/month/year.
  • Knowledge of energy costs enables consumers to manage their budgets, helping energy conservation and avoiding waste.
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